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  1. What is nGTO?
  2. nGTO is an informal term for ε-nash equilibrium strategies. Nash equilibrium strategies maximizes the utility against its worst case adversary, which in zero-sum games means it cannot lose. Nash equilibriums in complex games are usually not attainable. Instead, the term ε-nash equilibrium is used to denote strategies which only lose ε to its worst case adversary. The aim is nevertheless the same - to play as unexploitable as possible.

  3. How accurate are the ranges?
  4. This is difficult to measure for a number of reasons. We don't have the resources to calculate the exploitability of the full strategy. Even if we did, most of the exploitability comes from the suboptimal postflop play due to the postflop abstraction. How much of this trickles down to the preflop ranges is unclear. The question how exploitable the preflop ranges are given optimal postflop play is impossible for us to answer.

    Comparing our preflop limit ranges, which use the same postflop abstraction as our other ranges, to the proven nash equilibrium strategies of Cepheus indicates that our ranges are very accurate.

  5. How do you handle payments and credit card information?
  6. Payments are handled through Stripe. We do not handle or receive your credit card information.