MonkerViewer is a simple program used to navigate preflop ranges.

Sampled hold'em ranges
Mixed hold'em ranges
Omaha ranges


Some poker rooms, notably PokerStars, explicitly prohibit the use of this kind of software in real time. Always check with your poker room before using this software in real time.

Most nGTO ranges contain mixed strategies. You can switch between sampling and mixed view by pressing 'enter'.

You can view your local ranges (exported from MonkerSolver) by selecting the folder where the ranges are stored in the settings tab.

Custom colors

You can change the color of an action within MonkerViewer in the settings tab.
Each line in the custom color setting should read:
action = color
Where the action can be any keyword action such as call, fold, allin or a fixed betsize such as 75% or 12sb. The color is given by 3 integers between 0 and 255 describing the RGB value of the color. Example line to set the color of a 75% betsize to red:
75% = 255,0,0