Introducing views

Views can be used to categorize hands and aggregate the EVs, combo count and action frequencies of all hands which fall into the category. Categories are created from ppt syntax, which makes it most useful preflop. Once the syntax is expanded, this will be more useful postlop.

Creating a view

MonkerSolver will read views from the "Views" subfolder. Create the folder and place .txt files there.

The name of the view will be the .txt filename. The format of the files is as following:

First line (optional): An integer to set the length of the label in the table. The default is 100, but for long category names this may not be enough.
Any number of empty lines (optional).
a) One line with a name for the category, for example "Double-suited aces".
b) One line with the syntax to describe the category, for example "AA$ds".
Any number of empty lines (optional).
More of a) and b)

Hands which fall into several categories will only be categorized as the top most category in the file. Hands which do not fall into any category will appear as "Other".

A view with a single category for all hands. Creating this view may be useful to see the EV of the node as a whole, as well as the aggregated EV of any filtered expression.
An example of a created view with some random categories.